Experience unparalleled luxury and excitement with our exclusive Spanish Grand Prix hospitality packages at the renowned Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. 

Despite the teams' familiarity with the circuit's twists and turns, each race presents a formidable challenge. Barcelona's unique combination of high-speed straights and technical corners, coupled with its abrasive and bumpy track surface, demands peak performance from both car and driver.

Spanish Grand Prix Hospitality

At Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, we offer a variety of hospitality options tailored to enhance your Grand Prix experience. Choose from elite offerings such as the Formula One Paddock Club™ and Red Bull Racing Paddock Club, or explore our exceptional mid-level alternatives. Delight in world-class amenities, unparalleled views, and exclusive access, ensuring an unforgettable race weekend for you and your guests.

Explore our hospitality packages below and take your Spanish Grand Prix experience to new heights.

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