5 Grand Prix That Highlight The Global Importance Of Formula 1™

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From the desert to the Orient and the suburbs of South America, Formula 1™ travels across the globe uniting people from various cultures who all share the same passion. In 2017 the sport reached a cumulative TV audience of 1.4 billion, demonstrating its impact on global society and how deeply engrained it has become with fans across the world. Following the spectacular racing under the lights in Bahrain last weekend; we thought we'd pull together a list of just 5 examples of how Formula 1™ has such a global impact on its fans:

China – Shanghai Grand Prix

As Formula 1™ jet sets from the Middle East to Eastern Asia, roughly 150,000 Chinese and foreign supporters will flock to the Shanghai International Circuit. Formula 1™ has often been seen as a symbol of prosperity within a nation, and this is no more evident than with the emerging global super power, China. Due to its vast population and modernisation, China has experienced substantial economic growth over the past few decades.

This led the country to seek interest in holding a Formula 1™ Grand Prix as far back as the early 1990s, however it wasn’t until 2004 that the Shanghai International circuit finally graced the F1™ calendar.

Like with many of the new countries that Formula 1™ now visits, such as Russia, Azerbaijan and Bahrain, the Grand Prix is an important status symbol that helps put the country on the global stage - a cherished event that many countries still seek for themselves.

With many gripping races around the Shanghai International circuit in recent years, it will be interesting to see whether Lewis Hamilton can close his 17-point deficit to championship leader Sebastian Vettel this Sunday. If you can't make the trip to China, here is when you can catch all the action from the comfort of your living room, just be sure to set your alarm clock!


United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Held at the Yas Marina circuit since 2009; the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has provided some epic conclusions to Formula 1™ seasons. Home to a diverse society, Emirati culture features heavy influences from Persia, India and East Africa. Thanks to rich oil and gas reserves, the region has prospered since the 1970s; leading to the rapid development of both Abu Dhabi and Dubai as global tourist hotspots. Formula 1™ has become the region’s most popular sport since the introduction of the Grand Prix; thanks in part to its unique twilight racing. The picturesque Yas Marina circuit offers incredible spectating from almost every corner on the circuit, including the renowned Yas Marina Hotel, with its 5,800 LED lights creating a stunning backdrop against the setting sun.

Aside from the millions of people who tune into the season finale on TV and online, the event also creates a phenomenal increase in tourism for the region. With the circuit hitting capacity at 195,000 for the past two years; fans in attendance are able to visit the many wondrous sights surrounding the circuit, including the Etihad Towers, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or for the devote fan; Ferrari World. Providing the perfect finale to what is shaping up to be one of the all-time great Formula 1™ seasons, discover Red Eye Events hospitality packages on offer, including the famous Harbour Club event held at the Yas Viceroy.


Monaco - Monte Carlo Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Hospitality

Home to the rich and famous, Monaco caters for the wealthiest in the sport. From film stars to sports personalities, once a year the small sovereign-city state plays host to the most cherished Grand Prix on the calendar. Holding its first Formula 1™ race in 1950, many claim that you have not truly experienced F1™ until you have spectated from the famous harbour that adorns the twisting street circuit. With extravagant Yacht parties, casinos and terrace lounges, Monaco offers visitors an unforgettable experience as they rub shoulders with the stars.

Don't expect to play against the locals in the casino though. Residents of the 1.24 mile country (which makes it the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City) are prohibited from gambling or even entering the casino! This isn't a problem for many though; as only 1/5 of the population are natives, and Monaco is home to the largest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world per capita.

Red Eye Events host over 1,000 VIPs over the Monaco Grand Prix, providing high end hospitality across numerous locations. You can watch the action from the terrace of a luxury Monaco apartment or even soak up the atmosphere on a Super Yacht in the famous harbour. To find your perfect package, click here.


Brazil - Sao Paulo Grand Prix

For many, while Monaco provides the glamour, Brazil provides the heart of Formula 1™. With more than 76 million TV viewers per year, the country is totally engrossed in the sport. 2018 marks the first year since 1969 that the grid has been without a Brazilian driver. The country has also produced three of the sport’s most successful champions; Ayrton Senna, Emmerson Fittipaldi and Nelson Piquet.

It's fans are some of the most devoted of anywhere on the globe, and were heartbroken when they were 'robbed' of having a new world champion 10 years ago. In 2008 Felipe Massa missed out on becoming World Champion thanks to a last corner overtake by Lewis Hamilton.


United Kingdom - Silverstone Grand Prix

British Grand Prix Hospitality

One country's loss was another's gain however. Lewis Hamilton has created a resurgence in support in the UK over the past decade. As the nation from which the sport originally stemmed from in 1950, each year Silverstone plays host to the second most highly attended Grand Prix on the calendar; with almost 350,000 spectators. With fans travelling from across the globe to sit at one of the many renowned corners such as Stowe, Luffield or Copse, the racing is second-to-none.

Thankfully, Red Eye Events can get you closer to the action than ever before. In our exclusive hospitality suite, based at Silverstone Six, guests can experience the excitement of one of the F1™ calendar's fastest tracks, whilst enjoying gourmet cuisine and bottomless Champagne. To find out more about our amazing Silverstone packages, click here.


Words by Alex Wood | Momentum Social