Q&A with Red Eye's Catering Partner Tom Kerridge

17 May Tom Kerridge on board the Red Eye Yacht

Tom Kerridge: a household name that needs little introduction. Once again, we are partnering with Tom and his company Lush for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Lush, founded and built on the values of the two Michelin-starred The Hand and Flowers, will provide the food for our VIP terrace and yacht hospitality guests as they enjoy the thrill of the race weekend.

We asked Tom about his F1 experience, his predictions for the weekend and, most importantly, whether he thinks chocolate should be stored in the cupboard or the fridge.


What is your favourite dish to cook?

Quick, easy, full flavoured omelette with loads of cheese!


What is your favourite restaurant? 

The Mariners in Cornwall. Great food, brilliant atmosphere, perfect setting.


What would be your death-row meal?

Fish and chips and a can of Lilt. And knickerbocker glory.


If you could cook any dish for anyone, who would it be for and what would you cook?

I would love to cook for a brilliant 3 Michelin starred chef called Nico Ladenis. Hes an icon from when I was growing up and learning to cook. Hes been in contact a number of times saying that he would love to come but he lives quite far away. Hopefully one day!


How did you get into catering on yachts during the Monaco Grand Prix?

Im a huge F1 fan and like everything in life, so much of it is about meeting people, chatting, talking and when the opportunity came up to mix cooking and formula one in the perfect setting. I jumped at the opportunity.


What is the biggest challenge about catering in Monaco? 

Logistics are the hardest. Getting food in and out of the UK has been the starting point of technicalities to unravel, moving through to where we produce, cook and create, to actually getting the stuff on the boat. However all of this is great fun!


Where will you be watching the Grand Prix?

Im hoping on one of the boats!


What do you predict will be your highlight of the weekend?

A Lewis Hamilton, George Russell or Lando Norris win! Fingers crossed for the Brit drivers.


Does pineapple belong on a pizza?

Absolutely not, its for puddings!


Should chocolate be stored in the cupboard or the fridge?

I like cold chocolate with a hot coffee, so Id say fridge!